Miscellaneous Services

 We opperate year round and also offer jobs during the off season. We are very concerned with our customers' needs. If there is a service that is not listed please contact us or complete a service request form. We will work to
accommodate each individual’s need. 
     Dog Waste Removal
          It speaks for itself, we remove it so you do not have to. Programs are 
          tailored bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly.

     Property Maintenance
          We prepare your property for the winter
          months, making sure your home and property is intact to suit each 
          individual customer.
     Plant Winterization
          We protect your delicate vegetation during the winter months from soil
            conditioner or straw.  We also install salt fences between your lawn and
            the road to protect against salt truck overspray.
     Deer, Insectivores, and Rodent Protection

          We enjoy the beauty of wildlife, but witnesses the destruction caused by
            deer and other pests such as moles and squirrels. We have several
            different ways to combat the rising issue of plant destruction
            from animals including spray repellent, fencing, and baiting.

          We provide disposal services of any unwanted belongings that may be
            too large or heavy for our customers to move themselves.

     Curb side pick up

          We realize that some homeowners enjoy household duties such as raking
           leafs.  However, removal and bagging can sometimes be a hassle. For
           this reason we offer curb side pick up for leaf material and other debris.
           You can totally eliminate the hassle of loading leaves into bags.  Simply
           drag the debris to a nearby driving surface (driveways or roadway), and
           within minutes the debris will be vacuumed into our truck. The video below
           shows this machine in action.